Contact & About The Stylist

Hey There! I’m Ali; founder, owner & sole operator of Wear Hair. As  a self-proclaimed product junkie and girl with thick-locks I have graduated from someone who liked to do hair “on the side” to being a licensed cosmetologist. In 2011 I completed my formal hair eduction at Graham Webb Academy and received my license from the State of Virginia. Prior to being a full time beautician I received my Bachelors of Business from Belmont University.

What really got me into hair was doing my own hair & Makeup.  I started to style my own hair for homecoming in high-school, and by senior year I was taking appointments for other girls, and I was even asked to do a wedding! Hair styling was something I was thrown into because my hair was so thick and difficult – I hated the styles I would get at traditional salons, and I came to find out that my friends didn’t like them either. Girls would call me crying to come “fix” their hair after paying a lot of money to have it styled for a special event at high end salons. Two things were wrong with this picture; 1.) They were not happy with a style they payed for 2.) The stylist usually had a huge ego, and would make the client feel like it was their fault. I can’t tell you how many people’s hair I have “fixed” after one of these disasters. This is what inspired me to start WearHair.

I love working with women and giving my clients exactly what they ask for with a smile on my face. If a bride doesn’t like something I want her to be able to tell me without being scared to hurt my feelings, or without getting an attitude (we’ve all been victim to that diva stylist who thinks their ugly up-do is a work of art that belongs in a museum when really it belongs in the shampoo bowl to be washed out and re-done). Clients in the chair shouldn’t have to fight to get what they want when paying for a service. I want my customers to feel confident, cared for and genuinely valued when they are getting pampered. I offer professionalism, and customer satisfaction above all else. I am diligent about timing, punctuality and the quality of my work, and above all else their is heart behind every style, cut, and makeup application.

 UPDATE: Hello beautiful clients!  I am due with my second baby June 1, 2015 so I will be on maternity leave from May – August of 2015 and unavailable for weddings. I still have availability for a few September – December dates so please feel free to contact me if you are a fall or winter bride. 

For Pricing and information about Bridal Services click here! 


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